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Della Madonna Fountain

The Madonna Calabria mineral water is produced from the "Fountain of Madonna". This mineral water  is micro logicamente (Ultra Pure), stimulates gastric functions, helps digestion, can be diuretic, helps the elimination of uric acid in urine, reduces the symptoms ​​of uric acid, and suitable for low-sodium diets.

Because of its lightness, the balanced concentration of minerals and the absolute absence of harmful substances, it is the most suitable for infants and pregnant women.

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A cold, non-alcoholic drink

Brasilena blends a beautiful rich coffee aroma with a lightly carbonated mineral water. The Calabrian people of the romantic south of Italy have been enjoying Brasilena for over 50 years. Brasilena is sold all over Italy, supermarket, restaurants, cafe and bars, you can also enjoy Brasilena and mix it with most cocktail drinks.



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