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About Us

Calabria Mineral Water is now in Australia

Calabria is a southern region in Italy known for agricultural richness. The region boasts the second highest number of organic farmers only after Sicily. This kept the mineral water one of the purist in the world.

Production of mineral water has been on for decades but it hardly leaves Italy. Without any way of showing the world how pure their mineral water is.

As one of the Calabrian elderly man said to me once: “This is the purist natural mineral water ever. This purity begins from heaven.”

Emillio Villella

Emilio’s passion for fresh food and Brasilena began from a young age. While helping his father on the family’s orchard and veggie plantation, Emilio’s father would reward him with the freshest products and always with a little taste of the original drink of Calabria since the 50s “Brasilena”.

He also had a yearly ritual of the traditional home made sausage (Salami), pasta sauce (Sugo) and home made pasta.

Since the family migrated to Australia, Emilio’s passion for the finest ingredients and the most authentic Italian foods had gained momentum, to share it with the people of Australia.

Emilio is working hard to create a wonderful experience and a friendship for his customers. While he is new to the world of distribution and sales, he is so excited to expand both mind and his experiences, for all that his passion will lead the way.

Emillio Villella